Roland D110 Tone Manager

D110 Tone Manager is a program to import tones from sysex files for Roland D10, D20 and D100
and re-arrange them to create your own custom banks of sound.
The bank is then exportable in sysex file for upload to your D110.
There are some differences between the internal memory layout and functionalities of the
D10/D20 and the D110: they should be 100% compatible at tone level, and 90% compatible at TIMBRE
level (that is, all except the Output bit in the D110 which is used for reverb on/off in the
- The program has been partially tested with the D110 and not on the D10/D20 but should work for
the too. Tested under Windows 7 only.
- This is NOT A TONE EDITOR: partials, filters etc... cannot be edited.
- Make sure you backup your synth content via sysex before uploading anything.
- Provided AS-IS, use at your own risk.
- Currently only a Windows x86 executable is available.

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